James (L) and Andrew (R)


Who are you?

We’re a pair of writers/best friends named Andrew & James, respectively. We spend our energy writing bizarre songs and whimsical stories. Thanks for asking!

Can my theatre produce ‘Jack And The Giant’?

We’d love nothing more in the whole entire world than for your theatre to produce our work! Actually, that was hyperbole; if we had to choose between you producing our show and, say, ending world hunger - we’d for sure choose to end world hunger. Anyway, please contact us for more information!

Where are you located?

Andrew is based in the bustling, metropolitan circus of New York City! Whereas James spends his days in the sunny, sprawling, cultural mecca of Los Angeles. We talk frequently, thanks to the infinite magic of INTERNET!

What’s the best way to contact you GENIUSES?!

Check out the contact page, you shameless flatterer!

How are you?

Wow. We weren’t prepared for such a personal question. But, you know, we’re good. Of course, we’re always struggling to find our creative identity as writers in the modern age - battling against mental illness and artistic judgement. But mostly, we’re just doing our damnedest to spread love and positivity, whenever we’re able. Thanks for showing such a genuine interest.

Feels good to know that someone cares.