Our Story


Spirits as old as time…

If you’ve ever wondered: how did an eccentric elf from Boston and a gentle giant from Los Angeles become the curiously creative collective known as Andrew & James?

Well, you’re about to find out!

Andrew and James planted the seeds of friendship in 2012, while working as singers for Disney Cruise Line. They later reconnected in New York City, cultivating that friendship over the course of many deep conversations and day-long, laugh-filled walks through Central Park.

Their friendship truly blossomed on Halloween night, 2014; dressed as a duo of Albert Einsteins, they found themselves taking an impromptu 40-block stroll up and down the rainy avenues of Manhattan. And thus, a strange and wonderful brotherhood was formed.

In Spring of 2016, these uncommon characters hit the road for an unbelievable adventure; a month-long trek across the beautiful U.S. of A.! Along the way, they penned a series of definitive tunes, including the haunting folktale ‘The Legend of Jack Coffin’ and the uplifting, comedic madrigal known as ‘Jerusalem’.

In Fall of 2017, they were offered the opportunity to develop their first musical, ‘Jack and the Giant’, at The Greater Boston Stage Company. The finished musical celebrated its world premiere in Spring of 2019, at the Artists’ Cooperative Theatre (aka ACT 1) in Nashville, Tennessee!

...Be true to yourself; there’s a price to pay for living life somebody else’s way...
— The Legend of Jack Coffin